Blessed are the Peacemakers youth group discussion forums
Encouraging youth to seek the truth.
Who We Are
We provide a rare opportunity for community leaders and youth to discuss religious and emotional issues related to traumatic life experiences and to the Sixth Commandment, Thou Shall Not Kill or Thou Shall Not Murder.

Blessed are the Peacemakers, Inc. is a South Carolina non-profit made up of community leaders who believe in encouraging youth to seek the truth - a proactive approach to opening the door to a discussion between youth and their parents, religious leaders, and friends.

We are concerned citizens, religious scholars, and civil servants who have been in harm's way, and we offer teenagers a rare opportunity to ask us questions about the Sixth Commandment.

Creating a Foundation
By promoting discussion, we hope that students will develop a personal understanding and foundation concerning Thou Shall Not Kill or Thou Shall Not Murder.  Dealing with real life situations involving the Sixth Commandment is a very emotional issue. Without an understanding and foundation of the commandment, seeking justification after involvement with life or death actions is extremely difficult. In adulthood, many find themselves never being able to adjust or recover after a life and death situation. 
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"Who are Blessed are the Peacemakers? The Peacemakers are all of us who believe that your neighbor should be treated as you would yourself. They are blessed because they are carrying out the will of God. All have experience of working within the commandments and sharing that love with younger people. Where does the experience come from? The Peacemakers come from all walks of life -- educators, police, first responders, military -- those experiences gleaned from their working and helping with people in need."

​David Gatti, MD, FACS

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