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Encouraging youth to seek the truth.
panel discussion
"I want to thank you for starting this important discussion with my youth group. I really appreciated your wisdom and willingness to share experiences on such a difficult topic. The Bible seems to contradict itself on the issue of violence in the life of a Christian, so people need a place to work out that part of their faith. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to struggle together on this topic."

​Chris Conley
Director of Youth Ministries
Union United Methodist Church
those in harms way
"Blessed are the Peacemakers offers an extraordinary opportunity to develop a solid foundation from which youth and public servants from various sectors - military, law enforcement, etc. - can grow in mutual understanding and partnership. It is not only critical that today's young people recognize the necessary justification -- both legal and moral -- to use force in protecting and defending the lives and liberty of others, but also to know the value and benefits of sacrificial service."

Captain R.G. Woods, IV
SC Department of Public Safety
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