Blessed are the Peacemakers youth group discussion forums
Encouraging youth to seek the truth.
  1. Our Mission
    To provide a forum that enables teenagers the opportunity to ask religious scholars and those who have been in harms way questions  concerning the religious and emotional issues of Though Shall Not Kill or Thou Shall Not Murder.
  2. Who We Are
    We are concerned citizens, public servants who have been in harms way, and religious scholars seeking to start the Sixth Commandment discussion after our forums have ended.
  3. Host a Discussion
    Ask adults, who have been in harms way, and religious scholars questions related to the Sixth Commandment, Thou Shall Not Kill or Thou Shall Not Murder.
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"Facing potential career choices, young Americans are better served if they have as much information as possible to provide informed, well-though-out decisions about their futures, which may include military or law enforcement service. The purpose of Blessed are the Peacemakers is to help youth consider the moral dilemmas facing those who choose those career paths, or others who have general questions about such matters. Issues surrounding the moral basis for government service, use of force, obeying orders, and taking another sperson's life are just some of the topics that Blessed are the Peacemakers address. Former and current members of the military, law enforcement, and clergy will help guide these discussions and answer questions concerning issues faced by modern peacemakers. The result, we trust, will help provide more enlightenment on some perplexing dilemmas facing us in today's American society."

Dave DeDonato
Senior Chaplain, Lexington Police Department
Board of Directors, Blessed are the Peacemakers
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What is a Peacemaker?
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It is said that a Peacemaker is willing to face the tough questions in life and answer them truthfully.  A Peacemaker recognizes a problem, sets out to reconcile and cause a long lasting solution by dealing with and seeking the truth.  A Peacemaker is willing to deal with, discuss, and seek the truth, knowing the path of truth is the most difficult to take.

A peacekeeper only seeks to "keep the peace," a temporary solution. The problems that caused the situation are not really addressed. They guide conversations away from subjects that might cause strife.
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